Photographer Spotlight: Kenzie Holmberg

A cowboy as photographed by Kenzie Holmberg
Earl, at the historic TA Ranch in Buffalo, Wyo. Photo by Kenzie Holmberg

Kenzie Holmberg is a Western brand and lifestyle photographer currently based out of Tucson, Arizona. Not only does she love taking photos of the authentic Western way of life, but she also lives it. When she’s not behind the camera lens, you can find her on the back of a horse. Kenzie travels all over the US taking photos for the Western industry’s biggest brands and capturing the wild west as she sees it. The BonaFide Cowboy brand was built with authenticity at the forefront of everything she does, and she hopes to inspire others to pursue their passions. Learn more at

This Photographer Spotlight appeared in the Fall 2022 issue of Western Life Today magazine. Click here to subscribe!

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