Lucky Chuck and Western Workouts Collaborate to Bring Western Values and Niche Products to Cowboys and Cowgirls

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Combining forces to better the western industry as a whole, but particularly in health and fitness, Lucky Chuck and Western Workouts have created a partnership to support athletes in the horse world. Both known for being embraced by cowboys and cowgirls, the two brands cater specifically to this population with products reinvented to suit the needs of those in the western industry.

Founded and created by lifelong cowgirl Lorinda Van Newkirk, Lucky Chuck Performance Socks gives everyone the opportunity to have lucky feet, instead of suffering from bad boot socks. With a passion for quality and first-hand knowledge of what it is that cowboys and cowgirls truly need, the brand combines snugness, strength and functionality to provide comfort, performance and motivation in the form of stylish and durable socks.

Valuing many of the same things and having a similar perspective on their impact, Western Workouts began after Kelly Altschwager noticed a gap in horse owners and competitors’ investment in themselves versus the investment in their horses. The Western Workouts experience, rooted in individualized coaching and customized programs, is built around sustainable fitness and nutrition solutions for the western performance lifestyle through remote nutrition coaching and customized programming, growth mindset coaching and development and in-person training and rider fitness clinics.

With both owners’ notable involvement in the equine and western industries prior to their current business ventures, Van Newkirk and Altschwager met more than 15 years ago at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (NFR) one year through the Greeley Hat Works booth. Since then, the two have followed each other and stayed in touch, truly enjoying what the other was doing and creating.

“Her brand is all about working with real-life athletes and riders, which is so unique, yet so needed,” Van Newkirk said about Altschwager and Western Workouts. “I’ve worked out my entire life, but there is a gap in normal workout programs out there for the rest of the world and what is needed for athletes horseback. It is super cool that she understands fitness, understands the western way of life and is able to combine those things to support these competitors.”

Recently, Van Newkirk reached out in hopes of collaborating to not only promote both brands, but more importantly to foster an environment in the western industry where riders and competitors feel supported with products and services designed specifically for them. Now, at each Western Workouts rider fitness clinic, each swag bag will include a free pair of Lucky Chuck Performance socks.

“First of all, I just love her approach. She’s real, authentic and genuine; and unfortunately, I think that’s becoming more of a rare trait,” Altschwager said of Van Newkirk. “And I’m kind of a sock snob. Good socks matter to me, and her socks have support and substance to them without being overly tight or restrictive. When she sent me some, I was sold. And being able to toss your socks on, go for a run, go lift and then swap your shoes for boots to keep on with the rest of your day, that makes them the perfect match for those that are part of Western Workouts.”

Looking ahead, both business owners hope and plan to further this collaboration and partnership to create a community within the industry that is larger than just Western Workouts’ clinics and coaching or Lucky Chuck’s high-quality performance boot socks. With such a strong passion for horses and the western way of life shared between the two founders and their brands, those involved in this lifestyle are sure to have more opportunities and access to the best resources and products out there.

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